Your privacy is important to us. SCM Executives has a strict privacy policy, which fully complies with the general data protection regulation. We protect the privacy of the data provided to us and always treat this information confidentially. Below, you can read how we handle your data. 

Use of your data
When you register on the website of SCM Executives, your data is processed in a secure database. This database is used exclusively for the following purposes:

- We are able to find you quickly and efficiently when a suitable vacancy occurs.

- With the aid of the database we can introduce you to our clients, by means of a resume with explanatory notes. This is only done after your permission.
What personal data?
We will ask you to share certain personal information in order to provide you with the best service as possible.

Personal data includes your:

- Contact details, including name, email and telephone number.

- Personal data including date of birth, current total annual salary range and job history.
Data processing and security
SCM Executives is responsible for the processing of obtained personal data and only provides insight into this data to authorized employees. These employees must adhere to a confidentiality clause. SCM Executives has taken appropriate measures to protect your personal data against any form of unlawful processing and / or loss. The main person responsible for monitoring this data is: Niels Schenk
Provide data to third parties
SCM Executives provides data exclusively to clients as described under 'use of your data' in order to achieve our business objectives. SCM Executives is not responsible for compliance with the privacy legislation by these clients. SCM Executives accepts no liability whatsoever for any damage resulting from the use, by our selected clients, of the data you have provided after you have given us permission to share this. SCM Executives will not disseminate or disclose your information to third parties, without your prior permission, unless it is obliged to do so by law, collective bargaining agreement, rules of conduct or a court order.
Storage period
SCM Executives stores the data you have submitted for a maximum of 3 years. We use this information to link you to one or more vacancies. If you agree with the privacy statement, you will give us permission to preserve your data for a maximum of 3 years and to contact you in case of interesting opportunities after registration.

Unsubscribe or a complaint?

As a candidate you have the right to request data removal or adjustments at all times. If you wish to be removed from the database, or if you have a question about the management of your privacy, you can contact Niels Schenk (controller) and send an email to [email protected].

If you do not agree with our privacy statement, we can’t include you in our database and you will not be included in any application procedures.


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What is a cookie?
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What cookies do we use?
The website of SCM Executives only uses functional and analytics cookies. These cookies are necessary for a proper functioning website and analysing browser behaviour to improve the website. This information is completely anonymous and will not be passed on to other parties. We do not use marketing cookies.

The following Analytical cookies are described below.
Cookie Target Storage period
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Switching cookies on and off

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