Supply Chain & Operations are the focus for value creation these days

The world is ever changing, supply chains and operations are facing challenges like never before. Events like Covid-19, new geopolitical frontiers with China and the invasion of Ukraine have led to increased freight costs, labor shortages and lower shipping capacity.

Inflation and recession further strained the system, leading companies to rethink their supply chain resilience and operating procedures.

Enable sustainable growth with the right leaders

Properly designing and rethinking an organization's supply chain and operations is essential to achieve sustainable growth. To realize this, an organization needs the right leaders to build a firm operational foundation and guide the business through the right transformation while aiming for maximum value creation. However, finding the right person for the job is not always easy. Especially these days, hiring can be difficult and time-consuming.


We find senior leaders in Supply Chain & Operations for


Private equity firms

Family businesses


How we support Corporates

With more than 15 years of experience, we thoroughly understand the multi-layered world of production, trade and logistics. Our worldwide network within the Supply Chain sector is built extensively and exhaustively. This means you will get access to only the best and most outstanding leaders, which are hard to find or impossible to come into contact with.

How we support Private Equity firms

Independently of the specific challenge at hand, in order to be successful, entrepreneurial executives are needed. Senior professionals who are able to keep course and deliver results, even in turbulent circumstances. Worldwide changes have forced private equity parties to rethink their post-deal transformation strategies. Luckily, SCM Executives has the specific in-depth knowledge required to successfully help your private equity firm with such processes.

We have a strong presence within the field of Logistics Service Providers, Manufacturers and Traders. Depending on the type of transformation, we focus on general leadership positions (such as Managing Director or COO) or supply chain and operations specific positions (such as Supply Chain Director or Plant Director). For maximum impact and result SCM Executives is often also involved at a pre-deal stage.

We make sure you will get access to the best executives within this niche, regardless of investment strategy, company size and stage, industry or location. Deliver on productivity, cost savings, and targets. Ultimately, creating a strong return on your investment.

How we support Family Businesses

By understanding the specific characteristics of a family business we make sure the senior leader for your supply chain related position is nothing less than a perfect match. We understand that, more than in any other type of business, culture-fit based on norms and values is of the utmost importance for successful placement. 

That is why we place the emphasis on personality when finding suitable candidates for family businesses. So that we can be sure that the candidate shares with you the pride in your service or product that has been passed down from generation to generation. Multiplying the odds of a successful and durable cooperation.

How we support Scale-ups

SCM Executives has connected companies with a carefully constructed and extensive international network within the Supply Chain sector since 2005. By working with all types of businesses at various stages we understand the dynamics and characteristics associated with accelerated growth. 

We find senior leaders with specific experience in building a firm’s operational foundation by not only thoroughly understanding process integration, but also by having already dealt with other challenges related to a scaling or maturing business. With SCM Executives, private equity investments and scale-ups can grow at an accelerated rate, create value, and drive results with world-class talent.

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As a manufacturing company, trading company, or logistics service provider, you grapple with complex production and goods flows. This necessitates specialised leadership.

SCM Executives is your substantive sounding board for senior leadership roles, ranging from positions within the Board and Supervisory Board to executive roles in logistics, supply chain, and operations. With more than 15 years of experience, we deeply understand the complex world of manufacturing, trade, and logistics. Through our carefully constructed network, you gain access to the best leaders - leaders who we select using our unique 360˚ alignment method.

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