Team Coaching

Want to get even more out of your team? Successful collaboration is established through Team Coaching. In a safe environment, we work on your team's communication by creating a common language. With a strong focus on the right balance between everyone´s individual contribution and optimal performance as a team.

SCM creates a custom made program, based on the RealDrives idea. Team Coaching is inseparably connected to succession and assurance. Not only does the team gain refreshing insights, there will be direct practice in the field as well. Using this method will ensure that the application of skills becomes increasingly natural and the key learnings of every session will stick.

Key in SCM Team Coaching is enthusiasm, energy, and humour. No boring sessions. Participants get inspired and can directly apply in practice what they have learned.

Just some of the themes we may touch upon:

  • As a management team, how can we give substance to our role?
  • How do we stimulate communication within our team and through the organization as a whole?
  • How do we build and maintain a strong team?
  • How do we develop our organization in a future-oriented way?

Do these topics match your team's growth ambitions? Please feel free to contact us for an open-ended intake.